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Joy In Small Places
Days In The Life of Me
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Well, after that cliffhanger, I kind of got distracted. The big great surprise is that I got a Jeep Liberty 2006, in hahah inferno red! And the colour is definitely the best part, by far.

So I've been driving around in it non-stop, visiting all my friends/relatives/anyone else I can think of. I love this vehicle. It'll last me a very, very long time hahah and was definitely a super grad/birthday present combined.

But it's my baby, and I'm in love. With a motor vehicle, that is. Don't worry, pictures are soon to follow - once my sister takes them off her camera. So this means.. eventually. And oh, grad/prom pictures! Dude, I'm going to have to do an LJ cut, or something.

Got report cards and AP scores this week, and they were all fine and good. Today and tomorrow are my only days off this week, so I think I'm going to go shopping today, and maybe head up to Brantford tomorrow. My mom's got a cold, so all plans kind of hang in the air.

Very exciting, I know. This has felt like... the longest, most drama-filled week EVER. But then again, they always feel like that. Whenever I hear the guys complain that girls are "hard to understand" at work, I'm going to laugh myself silly. Because clearly guys... are another species. Who do not process logical thought, and then make awkward situations.

But I'm not bitter.


Hahahah just now, my mom got an email from our financial dude (Matt/Frasier Grey-Smith's dad - for you Mac people), and he CONGRATULATED me on my grad awards... and wrote like a paragraph about success. I suppose he read it in the newsletter, but still...!
7th-Jul-2006 12:39 am - Even the best intentions...
I want to curl up into a ball, and die. Or be violently, violently ill.

In other news, tomorrow might be one of the happiest days of my life.

I still feel like dying.
Hey everyone.

Just letting you all know I'm still alive. I worked... hahah like 25 hours this week...? Something big - which is good, because I'm broke. I went and saw two movies: the Break-Up and Devil Wears Prada, both which made me want to run to the gym as soon as humanly possible. Or, SHOP. Love shopping. Loves. It.

My OUAC was updated, and I graduated with an 88% average. Pretty sweet! Hahah Grad and Prom went off... mostly without a hitch. Prom not so much, between the caterer having the wrong numbers, and people crashing, or people randomly leaving, or me wanting to wring necks in the coat closet. At one point, I thought it would be a suitable punishment to key their cars with "PROM MOTHERFUCKERS!!" across the hoods. At another point, I actually went around to each setting at an abandoned table, and ate the strawberries off their dessert plates.

But I came away with my sanity (mostly), and some awards from Grad, so it was all good. And, hahah some SWEET prom afterparty memories. Oh, german exchange students, hammocks and pretzels.

Now I'm just settling into my summer routine - I'm housesitting this week (hahah pooool access baby YES!) and following up on all the little things that get pushed to the side during the final weeks of school.

Meg took me to see Pilate (with Wintersleep and People In Planes) last night as an early birthday present, and it was amazing. Highlights included PILATE (duh...!), some girl trying to jump onto the stage, and giving the rest of my dinner to a homeless man who sat down beside me and asked for a piece of my toast. That, and seeing a couple getting busy in a Porsche, and deciding that in order to protect our anonymity (and conversation topic), I would tell Meghan what I saw... in french.

So the birthday countdown has begun, as it's under a month now - my 18th on July 29th...! I'm not sure if I'm going to want to have a party, or friends over, or what. We'll sort it out in a while... :).

There you have it, folks.

18th-Jun-2006 10:45 pm - !!!


-------------------------- <-- THE FINE LINE BETWEEN GENIUS AND INSANITY.

Which side am I on?

If Roberto the caterer doesn't email me back.... I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS.


That being said, I have a 10% off coupon for Party Packagers to spend tomorrow.


Done. I need a stress ball.
13th-Jun-2006 09:13 pm - And so it ends...!
I'm done highschool now.


Summer, here I come.

- Ash, grad '06.
7th-Jun-2006 07:42 pm - Ah.

I don't even... know what to say.

Please, please let me pass my exam.
Prom is coming together, slowly but surely. However, I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should be making decorative teacher-invitations and chatting with the flamboyantly gay caterer less, and studying for my exams more.

Calculus is going to own me on Thursday, and I've kind of... resigned myself to my fate. I still need to finish my cheatsheets for Earth and Space, and study for Economics - both on Wednesday. And World Issues...? That's going to be a Thursday night effort, baby. And let's not even discuss AP English and AP History - that's after the weekend... positively miles away. AVOIDANCE IS KEY.

As of tomorrow, I will have one week left of highschool. And tomorrow will be my last, official day. I'm not really sure how I feel, yet. Nauseous, for certain. But that's how I feel whenever there's any large event happening.

That's a trend that's going to serve me well in the future, eh?

Here we gooo! Onwards and upwards!
3rd-Jun-2006 11:00 pm - And so we progress.
So I've decided I'm going to Laurier - Brantford for their really cool Concurrent Education program. This means that I will be getting my Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) and my Bachelor of Education at the same time - in 4 years. And my teachables will probably be English and History, although I didn't like any of the history courses that they offer for first years, and the one that I did like okay wouldn't work with my schedule.

So I just spent over an hour configuring what I think will be my schedule, want to see? Hahah I won't bother with the course codes, or the times - in the brackets will be how many times per week, though.

Term One:
Observation & Practice Teaching I (This is a full-day practicum, on Mondays)
Curriculum Methods I (1)
Mathematics & Teaching I (1)
The World in the 21st Century (2)
Love & Its Myths (2)
Education & Schooling I (1)
Introduction to Sociology (1)

Term Two:
Observation & Practice Teaching II (Still full-day practicum)
Reading Poetry (2)
Mathematics & Teaching II (1)
Social & Political Thought (2)
Reading Fiction (2)
Education & Schooling II (1)

Ohhhh yes - I will be in lecture halls or the classroom at 13 scheduled times next year. It's a good thing I like a challenge. Term One will be 21 hours of lessons, and Term Two will be 20. That's rough time approximations, but still. Oh baby, oh baby.

So first term basically has my electives, and second term comes in with 2 rather heavy English courses.

Can you tell I'm really excited?

Hahah wahoo!


P.S. - I left my Friday afternoons pretty much free after 2:30 for first term and 4:00 for second term... and I don't have a morning class earlier than 9:30 ever (except for my practicum.) I've factored in sleep very carefully. And OMG hahah I tried so hard not to schedule classes on Thursday nights, because of E.R. :$ but that only worked out for the second term.

All right, I'll shut up now. This from the girl who used to get downright angry when people talked about university. See, I'm just a late bloomer! I'm SLOW, but I still made it!
25th-May-2006 08:07 am(no subject)
Not selected for admission.

Oh well.
24th-May-2006 06:02 pm - "IT'S NOT WORTH IT!"
Sometimes it's frightening just how accurate a horoscope can be.

Your LEO horoscope forWednesday, May 24, 2006
If you have to take a test or quiz this morning, be very careful about the answers you give. If you follow the Aries moon's impulse to get through as quickly as possible, you could make costly mistakes. Look over your work as many times as you can. This afternoon, things will calm down and you could get a chance to use your leadership abilities to get people together.

So maybe I should start checking these in the morning. After I got 17/23 on my Calculus assignment this morning, which I only looked over ... once. I think my leadership abilities tonight were used during the ESL "Mixer", where I had 8 people gathered around me playing Sorry® with the guys. It's amazing what a little trashtalk can do. Actually, it got me owned... even when it was strategic to take out a different player, they all came after me. And then would shout TEAM KOREA, or something similar.

I'm really going to miss them.

In other news, I'm a firm believer that Teddy Geiger is a good size; height and width. Hahah I guess you had to be there.

Now, I have to deal with this SUPER LARGE amount of work for the next 3 weeks. Ohhh dear.

So when exactly is the end of May, exactly, Queen's? Because my deadlines are fast approaching. Just let me know either way ... I just want the wait to end, please.


English/History/Calculus/Newsletter/ESL/Prom/Economics/Gift Basket?

Take your pick. GAH!

Hahah and the reason I'm working so hardcore is because I had to RECORD last night's House finale because I was too busy. So I'm definitely watching it tonight.
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